The Cascade Series is one of our most popular live seafood merchandising systems among restaurants. The Cascade Series will hold almost any kind of live seafood including live Fish, Lobster and/or Crab. With the included acrylic dividers multiple species can be held in the same tank offering a smorgasbord of live fresh seafood. The Cascade Series is a popular choice for restaurants as this series is multifunctional and has a very appealing look.

One of the best features of the Cascade Series is the filtration system design. Water flows over the stand pipe and down into a filter bag (trapping large solids) which is filled with carbon, before penetrating a finer mesh filter pad, then passing through a bed of dolomite (providing buffering and surface area as the biological filter). A reliable water pump then pushes the water through a cartridge filter, Ultraviolet Sterilizer (protects against algae, protozoans and harmful bacteria) and chiller before returning the water to the tank via a venturi (adds oxygen).

The filter system is easy to maintain and allows easy access to all components without ever having to remove the live stock just to work on the filter.

In addition to a great filtration system, the Cascade Series looks as good as it functions. The bold look of 316 Stainless Steel top and bottom rails, thermal pane glass (prevents condensation), translucent lids, waterfall returns and hundreds of choices of insulated cabinet finishes ensure your system looks just how you want it.

The Cascade Series is 115 volt 60 hertz, UL Listed, has a two year limited warranty, and includes:

  • High quality salt mix
  • Hydrometer (used to measure salt levels)
  • Lobster rake
  • Starter bacteria
  • Thermometer
  • Test kit
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
Options include:
  • Upgrades to 220 volt 50 hertz
  • Shellfish option
  • Insulated cabinet finishes in stainless steel, laminate or veneer
  • Six month service kits

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model "A"
volts amps chiller shipping
price crate
6027CAS1260"27"44"12"902565901158.11/3 HP800 lbs$6,950$250
7227CAS1272"27"44"12"11838801181158.11/3 HP985 lbs$7,450$300
9627CAS1296"27"42"12"1505010015011513.51/2 HP1125 lbs$9,225$300
12027CAS12120"27"42"12"2007013020011513.51/2 HP1250 lbs$9,975$375